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The rise of telehealth mental health services in a post pandemic world

Aurora Healthcare introduces a new online psychology and psychiatry solution, Aurora Cloud Clinic.

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Healing through connection

For others wondering if the day programs at South Eastern Private Hospital are for them, Marion advises that attending the group was the first time she realised how ill she had been.

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Acceptance and new learning the key for Keith

Following retrenchment, unemployment and surgery, Keith suffered a breakdown. The team at South Eastern Private helped him find himself again.

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Psychiatry Melbourne Australia

South Eastern Private partners with Monash Health for World Congress of Psychiatry case study

An intriguing mental health case study was presented last week at the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) World Congress of Psychiatry in Portugal - forming part of an exciting research partnership between Monash Health and South Eastern Private Hospital with more to come in the future.

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